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TELA-ZiP Outdoor Blinds for Privacy

Aluminium/Sunscreen Fabric

Model Number: TELA-ZiP

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TELA-ZiP Outdoor Blinds controls the amount of Natural light entering the Patio, room, or living space and Blocks heat radiation up to 70% for thermal comfort, thereby cutting energy consumption for Air conditioning.

The TELA-ZiP Sunscreen Fabrics have a huge range of colors and Light-Transparency from 0% for Total Block Out (or Full Privacy) to 3%, 5%, and 10% Openness (or 100% Block Out, 97%, 95%, and 90% Transparencies, respectively).

The Operation of the TELA Outdoor Blinds can be Controlled or Operated as follows:
•    Spring Assisted manual (Blinds over 3200mm with require Additional RH Spring)
•    Crank – Greater than 2400mm 8:1 crank will be used
•    Motorised

Control Accessories (Optional):
•    Remote Control
•    Wall Switch
•    Sensors

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TELA-ZiP Outdoor Blinds

Best Application:
•    Residential and Commercial projects.

Where to Mount:
•    Face mount
•    Reveal fit
•    Side Mount (Head Box Lineal support recommended over 3m wide)
•    Between or on posts or walls
•    Exterior of windows
•    Multi level buildings.
•    High wind areas
•    Black out system
•    Assist with Insect proofing an outdoor area

Exterior Fabric Selection
•    Any external grade Sunscreen, Acrylic or Canvas
•    Sunscreens, Acrylics or Canvas with striped patterns
•    Block Out or Openness % = 99% or 95% Block Out (or 1%  or 5% Openness)

Top Tube Size:
•    78mm Aluminium Tube / Galvanised
•    110 or 130mm Aluminium Tube
Bottom Rail type:
•    Standard Base Rail
•    Heavy-Duty Base Rail

•    Spring Assisted manual (Blinds over 3200mm with require Additional RH Spring)
•    Crank – Greater than 2400mm 8:1 crank will be used
•    Motorised
•    Wall switch
•    Remote Control
•    Sensors

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