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Know More About Aluminum Plantation Shutters

Date: 2018-11-02 23:39:36Source: Pure Shutters
Are you looking for interior designs that will completely transform the look and feel of your home without burning a huge hole in your pocket and something that is functional too? Then aluminum shutters are the best choice for you.
Aluminum shutters are low in maintenance and high durable strength. They are a long-lasting o for covering the windows, doors opening or any partitions in your home. Aluminum is durable, non-flammable and rustproof, making it the perfect choice for coastal areas, where high moisture in air corrodes furniture extensively.

Know More about Aluminum Shutters

Aluminum customs shutters can be made according to your preferences and to fit door and windows of any size or shape. They blend seamlessly in any interior, whether traditional, classic or modern and give your home a stylish look and also offer you good functionality with their versatility. They can be used for internal as well as external openings.

● Aluminum Customs Shutters

Aluminum is lightweight, corrosion resistant, easy to clean - all these things that make aluminum shutters a great choice for your home. But did you know that aluminum shutters can be custom-made? Yes. Aluminum customs shutters cater to your preferences.
You can select the louver size, type of shutter and material as per your wish, and they can be made to fit any size, shape or configuration of windows and doors. Powder coated aluminum is the most preferred material for aluminum customs shutters because it looks highly elegant while being long lasting and very easy to clean. They are also available in various colors to complement your home’s color scheme.
Blade sizes can be optimized as per your choice too, 68mm, 90mm, and 115mm is the most popular sizes.

● Easy to clean

Aluminum shutters are very easy to clean. For dust, you just need to wipe down the surfaces with a feather duster or dust mittens. For tougher stains, wiping with warm, soapy water will be enough. In extreme cases of dust buildup, you can even hose down the entire shutter easily, making the process of cleaning very easy.

● Functionality

Aluminum shutters offer protection from the harsh sun while providing ample light in your room. They are also useful for increasing privacy and enhancing security in your home. It is quite safe to say that aluminum customs shutters are as functional as they are beautiful.

● Styles

Aluminum shutters are available in various stages and forms. They can be customized in various ways to fit your windows and satisfy your preferences.

Aluminum Bifolding Shutters

These are used when the panels have to be opened and closed frequently. They bifold onto each other, giving you more space. Usually, they are used on Windows.

Aluminum Sliding Shutters

They are widely used for doors and windows. These sliding shutters are very popular as they regulate light, give you privacy and also save space.

Aluminum Hinged Shutters

These shutters are used for doors and windows if you want to give a door-like feel, yet have shutters. They have rust-resistant hinges that operate seamlessly without any squeaky sounds.

Aluminum Fixed Shutters

They are removable panels that are usually fixed in exhaust fan openings or bathrooms. They can be removed easily for cleaning and they are mainly used for providing privacy.
Aluminum shutters have a variety of positive points - good-looking, rustproof, custom-made, durable, easy to clean. Go for aluminum shutters today and trust us, you won't regret your decision.

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