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About Pure Shutters

PURE SHUTTERS COMPANY LIMITED was established in Hong Kong in 2011. Prior to that, our company operated under the name of Creative Blinds Company since 2000. With our years of solid experience in design, manufacturing & installing aluminium louvres and shutters, we have developed practical & sustainable shading solutions for harsh climates like Australia & New Zealand.

We offer a comprehensive range of aluminum shutters and louvers, glass louvers & nano solar coats that block heat in summer and retain heat during winter. Our manufacturing facilities for shutters & louvers are also set up for powder coating, metal stamping, plastic injection, machining and other fabrications.  Our factory set up gives us the flexibility our customers need to fulfill their requirements & delivery schedules.

We have traditionally exported 100% of our products to Australia & New Zealand. We have an office in Sydney and direct distributors & installers in Australia and New Zealand. In 2018, we opened an office in the United States to bring our complete line of products to America. Our one-stop shop approach makes it easier for our clients to custom order what they want whether they are working on a project to project basis or work as wholesalers & retailers.

Our company has several major products for you to choose from with various blade sizes to accommodate various applications as follows:

SOMBRA System: Hand operable aero or elliptical louvre blades for various shading applications ;

SERENO System: Non-operable or fixed louvers for pub screens, privacy screens, acoustical louvers, weather proof louvers and others;

TONO System: Flat blades for grilles, sunscreens, walkways, fences, ventilations, etc.;

TRAMA System: Angled blades for grilles, walkways, sunscreens, fences, ventilations for carports, cooling towers, etc.;

YERO Roofing System: Motorized roofing, seamless design, rain proof with built-in gutter , remote controlled, wall switch controlled, & optional rain sensors;

YERO Shades: Motorized shutters complete with a remote controller, optional wall switch.

YERO motorized roof & shading systems transform and create usable open spaces, open decks, open verandas, garden areas, swimming pool areas, patios and entertainment areas for families, friends and others. Motorized roofs provide shelter, privacy and sun protection from summer sun and heat. At the same time, our products allow you to make the most of "winter sun" and control the air flow with remote control.

YERO aero blades, with hollow and thick blade profiles, allow better thermal insulation & sound reduction and are suitable for all seasons.

We are always finding new ways to bring innovation to existing products and remain customer focused as our first priority. If you have a new solution that you would like to discuss, please contact us directly. We look forward to serving you.

TELA-ZiP Outdoor Blinds. Motorised, Hand or Crank-Operated.

Our History

Pure Shutters Company Limited


Our Hong Kong Company and Southern China Factory was established to manufacture blind components for the Australian market.


Established our paint spray facility in our own China factory and started paint spraying timber shutter profiles and manufacturing timber shutter components.


Started developing and manufacturing our own Timber Shutters & Aluminium Shutters system specially for the harsh weather

environment in Australia & New Zealand market.


Able to cooperate and setup in Northern China our own timber moulding and under coating facility fortimber shutter profiles

(Whole or finger jointed)

We sell our timber profiles to timber shutter manufacturers in overseas who still wants to manufacture their own locally made timber

shutters in their respective countries.

We sell Aluminium Shutters componentries and fully assembled Aluminium shutters mainly to the Australian & New Zealand Market.


Able to have our own COMPLETE POWDER COATING FACILITY ( Pre-treatment, Coating, Oven baking ) for Aluminium shutters and Louvre extrusions.Coatable maximum extrusion lenght of 6 meters long.


Established our own brand - PURESHUTTERS TM and established the PURE SHUTTERS RANGE OF PRODUCTS - SOMBRA, SERENO, TONO & TRAMA.


Added the CELOS System to our PURE SHUTTER RANGE OF PRODUCT. Added bigger Aero blade sizes - 200mm, 300mm, 500mm & custom made 600mm.


Motorization of shutters was developed for the SOMBRA RANGE OF PRODUCTS -150mm, 200mm and 300 Aero blades.


Started developing the motorised roofing sytem on the last quarter of the year - YERO ROOFING SYSTEM.


Opened our Office / Warehouse in Artarmon Sydney.


Third party Design Tested YERO BEAM & the CLASSIC YERO BLADE extrusion in accordance to AS/NZS 1664.1:1997

Aluminium structures standard and in line with NZS 3604 for various wind zones versus maximum beam and blade spans.


Launching of the YERO SHADE - Motorised system

Developed our own YERO MOTOR for Aluminium shutters and shading applications complete with Remote control,

Motor Control unit, Optional rain sensor, motion sensor and wind semsor.

The YERO MOTOR has a powerful torque ranging from 450N-m up to 1200N-m, With a minimal DC supply of 24Vand built for External application.


Developed HARD WIRE and WIRELESS SWITCH exclusively for our own Aluminium YERO ROOF and YERO SHADE Motorised system.

Developing WIRELESS MOTOR with built-in receiver.

We have the experience and technical know-how to develope our own electronic system for the shading industry making us more competitive as we understand what shutters, louvres and shading systems are all about compared to just purchasing expensive electronic control and motor systems for shading solutions that are available in the market which does not fully address the manufacturing and shading needs thus limiting the potencial of the shading design solutions and are force to use bulky Aluminium extrusions to fit their available systems which translates to wastage and additional cost to end consumers.


1st year official Gold Member of Alibaba.com - www.pureshutters.en.alibaba.com Official Pioneer member of the Hongkong

Netrepreneur Association www.HKNA.net

Signing of a new Sole distributor for Hongkong region ;

Signing of a distributor for Australia ;

Signing of a new Sole distributor for Jordan & GCC.

Launching of the ELECTRIC SPINDLE ACTUATOR AND CHAIN ACTUATOR automated opening systems for Natural ventilation and Smoke Ventilation applications .

Launching of the ACTUATOR MOTOR CONTROLLERS and related sensors and accessories for Natural and Smoke Ventilation applications .

Soon to launch new eco friendly products for Glazing application and Glass Ballustrades to reduce carbon footprints.


Launching of the CELOS THERMAL COATED GLASS that reduces Ultra violet , Infrared and Visible light .

Ultra violet light - You want to block harmful UVs to protect skin , reduce fading and ageing of furniture but still able to get rid of insects and other germs .

Visible light - You want the natural light without glare , High transparency and clear vision , Energy saving

Infrared light - You want the warm but not the heat during summer and want to maintain the heat during winter  , thermal comfort  Cool in summer , Warm in winter

Launching of the CELOS MOTORISED glass system

Launching of the VENTILATION & GRILLES system for commercial and residential applications


Launching of the CELOS TIMBER SHUTTER system as wide as 1 meter Launching of the NEW CELOS GLASS Blade as wide as 1 meter

We at Pure Shutters are all about efforts and contributions in small ways to improving climate change . Saving MOTHER EARTH will

always be the top priority !

We are growing , Be part of us !


Opened Showroom/warehouse in Sydney Kirrawee


New Office in French's Forrest NSW

Launched TELA-ZiP Outdoor Blinds - Motorised, Hand or Crank-operated

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