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Pure Shutters Window & Door Shutters, Louvres Factory

Our factory/warehouse is based in Guangdong China. With our experience in the shading industry, we identified a need to supply various shading solutions to address issues like energy management and the need for sustainability & green development in the building construction industry either for commercial and/or residential purposes.


Sustainability & achieving thermal comfort became the core value of our design. Based on our knowledge and experience with blinds, we began our quest for developing and manufacturing aluminium shutter/louvre shading and ventilation solutions addressing two categories of the LEED Green Building rating system – Energy & Materials.


In order to establish several shading and ventilation solutions and attain our core values, we sought out other industry professionals that shared the same interest and direction. Together we invested in development, and re-development of tools and products available in the market and began prototyping and testing which enabled us to achieve our goals.


From our branch office based in Hong Kong, we export to our customers overseas either directly or via our wholesalers & distributors. With a wide range of blades sizes, comprehensive range of solutions and our hands-on approach, our customers get eco-sustainable shading & ventilation solutions. It’s our contribution to the environment and our future. We love what we do.

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