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Residential Sliding Shutter door


Model Number: SDS009019

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SDS009019 SOMBRA Residential Sliding Shutter Door

Hand Operable or Adjustable aero blades  with a slim frame suitable for windows and other applications. 


Also called :

  • Adjustable Window louvers 
  • Sliding window shutters
  • Adjustable window shutters
  • 90mm adjustable sliding shutter door
  • Louvered windows
  • Shutter door
  • Exterior louvered door
  • 90mm adjustable shutter door
  • Residential shutter door
  • Residential Aluminium shutter door
  • Commercial shutter door
  • Exterior aluminum shutters
  • Exterior aluminum window shutters
  • Closed blades Sliding shutter door
  • Dual track sliding shutter door
  • Open blade sliding shutter door
  • sliding shutter door
  • 115mm Operable Aluminum shutter door
  • Adjustable aluminum shutter door
  • Exterior shutter door
  • Aluminum shutter door
  • Exterior aluminum shutter door

Blade sizes & Features :

  • Aero Blade sizes :55mm,68mm,90mm ,115mm Aerofoil blade
  • Operable or Adjustable blades
  • Finishing : Powder coating , Natural Anodise
  • Installation or Mounting :Frame : Optional 
    • Sliding Shutters
    • End Fixed Bi-folding shuttters
    • Fixed Mount shutters
    • Hinge Mount shutters 

PURE SHUTTERS SOMBRA Aluminium Shutters has multiple applications listed down below .

With its versatility and various mounting capabilites ,It is a favourite choice for Architects,Builders,end-consumers and other users .


SOMBRA can be mounted with various combinations due to its ease of installation and performance.


The Aluminium blades are shaped to Aerofoil type to have a smoother flow of air and were wind design tested to NZ3604 from Self weight ,low wind zone to extremely high wind zones which are also equivalent to Australian Standards of Category 1 to 4 wind zones .


Suitable to any locations specially in tropical areas ,Nearby the sea or beaches, Windy terrains and other harsh climates.  

Materials used:

1. Aluminium Material :

Made of AL6063,

Minimum thickness at 1.2mm ,

Tempered to T5 or T6

AS1231 Compliance


2. Stainless steel components:

SUS 303 & 304


3. Plastic components:

Anti UV

Anti Brittle

100% Virgin Material 

Strong ,Rigid & Susceptible to high & Low outside Temperature ( 120 Deg C to -25 Deg C) .


Multiple Applications:

  • Exterior Sun Shading 
  • Interior Sun Shading
  • Exterior Facade
  • Wall Partitions
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Privacy
  • Awnings
  • Ceilings
  • Bathroom Shower doors
  • Bathroom Windows
  • Carport doors
  • Wall Dividers
  • Kitchen window shades
  • Ktchen window 
  • Veranda shades
  • Ballustrades (70mm gap spacing,Safety Compliance)

Residential Sliding Shutter door

SDS009019 (1) Shutter door.jpg


Sliding mount assembly  


SDS009019 (2) Shutter door.jpg


Other applications:

  • Sliding shutter doors compliments Glass Aluminum door
  • Sun shade aluminum louvers
  • Aluminum shutters either mounted in front or back of window glass
  • Sliding shutters with Aluminum adjustable louver
  • Excellent for window shade
  • Sliding door aluminum for window security shutters
  • Sliding shutters with manually adjustable louver blades like air conditioner louver
  • Exterior aluminum shutters
  • Aluminum sun louver
  • Sliding window shutters
Great subsitute for the following items below that will not bring much thermal comfort , durability and requires much maintenance which translates to more costs for end-users :
  • Plantation shutters - Needs frequent maintenance , Prone to cracks ,needs repainting 
  • PVC blinds - Toxic PVC for the environment , Prone to warping , Limited panel widths
  • Blinds - Not durable 
  • Outdoor blinds - Not suitable for high winds , Not easy to maintain , Not durable 
  • Blinds between glass doors - Unrepairable , Not durable 
Quite adaptable to any application or complimentary function to :
  • Doors
  • Aluminum louver door
  • Louver gates
  • Glass windows
 Wind Design tested in accordance with Aluminum structures AS/NZS 1664.1:1997
  • Free standing structures -Shutters free standing
  • Fixed to Buildings - Shutters fixed to an existing building
  • Category 1 to 4 (Australia) 
  • Various wind zone(New Zealand) :Wind zone in line with NZS 3604:2011
Packaging & Shipping

Packaging :

  • Aluminum Shutter blades are interlaced with copy paper ,
  • Panels are wrapped with plastic sheet ,
  • Sides and corner protection ,
  • Partitions front and back ,
  • Outside carton ,
  • Outside markings and strapped 

Shipping :

20 or 40 foot container


Email:[email protected]

  • Type: Shutters
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: PURE SHUTTERS
  • Model Number: SDS009019
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy, AL6063,Aluminum Alloy
  • Opening Pattern: Horizontal
  • Sombra 90mm: 90mm Aerofoil shape blade
  • Finishing,Coating: Powder coating,60 microns,AS3715,AAMA 2603 & 2604
  • Finishing,Anodising: Natural Anodise,Sand Blasted,20microns,AS3715
  • Installation: Sliding,End Fixed Bi-folding,Fixed Mount,Hinge Mount
  • Hardness: Tempered to T5 or T6
  • Compliance: AS3715:2002,AAMA 2603,AAMA 2604,AS 1231,NZ3604
  • Wind rating: Design tested to NZ3604 / Category 1 to 3
  • Powder: Dulux or Interpon
  • Warranty: 5 to 10 years
  • Aluminum Shutter blades are interlaced with copy paper
  • Panels are wrapped with plastic sheet
  • Sides and corner protection
  • Partitions front and back
  • Outside carton
  • Outside markings and strapped
  • Packaging Details: Louvre blades are interlaced with copy paper , Panels are wrapped with plastic sheet ,Sides and corner protection , Partitions front and back , Outside carton , Outside markings and strapped . Shipping :
  • 20 Foot or 40 Foot Container
  • LCL or FCL
  • Delivery Detail:
  • 4 to 6 weeks
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